Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome Back My Pretties!

I finally received a new supply of the super soft and pretty 'Sarah's Secret Garden' by Liberty of London. It was challenging to find but such a popular and attractive fabric, I wasn't ready to stop making them and move on quite yet!

The large single (28mm) comes on a large and super strong metal free snagless elastic.  $5  

The medium pair (23mm) come on pretty pale pink metal free snagless elastics.  $8 

The mini pair (19mm) come on soft pink metal free snagless elastics. $6 

Last but not least, edited this post to include this gorgeous photo of Melissa's gorgeous Blythe, with Dusty Plum hair, dress and hair accessory! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

For the Love of Pho

We are back from a head spinning trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  What an amazing week it has been. While I float gently back to earth I thought I'd share one of the most important parts of our journey with you, the FOOD! The Beef Pho in particular.

The Five Star Hotel version, bean sprouts neatly trimmed, served in Thai celadon pottery, tasty and fresh. 

The 'Real Thing' we went across town to eat the Traditional version, Chinese Bread, lots of chilli and lots of greens, SO yummy. Two huge serves with two huge beers = $6. 

Back in Melbourne and keen to show the kids, Pho Hung in High Street Preston, Matt and I had the Beef Pho .. AGAIN .. mmmm .. delish! 

Lulu chose the Pork and Prawn Version .. and loved it. 

The Saigon Market Find which makes me smile. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saigon Surprise!

I have the most amazing news, my husband and I are leaving on Sunday for Saigon .. yes indeedy a whirlwind (business trip for him) visit to Ho Chi Minh City!

Four days in Vietnam .. then back to reality .. but nonetheless, four days, CHILD FREE (thank you Grandparents!). We have not travelled nor been alone like this for at least nine years, so you can imagine we are well excited (and a little nervous!).
Last minute visas obtained - we've even written wills (bit of a Debbie Downer really, but a necessity!), and now we just need to pack and go.

To celebrate and because I'll be closing my Etsy store for a few days from Sunday I wanted to offer everyone 20% off all items in my online shop until Saturday night, please use the code SAIGON at checkout if you'd like to take advantage.

Wish us well, and I'd love to hear any travellers tales or advice about travel in Vietnam and of course Ho Chi Minh City in particular!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Babies Wearing Stripes

There has been a bit of a buzz in the blog world lately about STRIPES and the realisation that there is a connection between those who blog, and those who wear stripes! I am absolutely one of those people who do both!

I've also always dressed my children in stripes, I think it's the curse of the '80s Mum ... well a mum who spent her identity building teen years in the '80s!

 Asha 7 months
 Lulu 9 months

Geordie 4 months

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dinosaur or Dragon?

*click photo to view larger, don't be scared!*

I had to go and check on the Paul and Paula website .. we've been calling it a Dinosaur hoodie but no, it's a Dragon. Either way, cute as a button, suits G to a T and on top of that handmade and designed in Melbourne, yay!

I bought it yesterday at the most gorgeous Pop Up store in Richmond, Mrs Dalloway, there were so many lovely things, I really regret not buying the white jonquils, the room garage was set up absolutely beautifully! Take a look at the photos on the link! My timing was also fabulous as they were just opening a bottle of bubbles, shopping, winter sunshine, lovely people and sparkling wine = happy me!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hipstamatic makes everything Cool.

I'm addicted to style magazines like Inside Out. And to style blogs like The Design Files. But oh how they mess with  my self confidence. I will never live in a house full of designer furniture with walls of cool art, nothing out of place, and not a daggy item in sight.

I have always threatened to do an 'Inside Out' type shoot on my own house. Find tiny corners, clean off the texta from the walls, hide all my actual belongings and take arty abstract photos and see if I can get away with making people believe that I really live like someone inside one of those magazines.

And then they invented Hipstamatic. We can all look like we live in stylish cool homes as long as we have an iPhone and the $2.49 app. Phew.

Well I've kidded myself that I can. How do you feel, do you feel intimidated by the stylised homes of others online and in magazines? I just can't imagine owning that much STUFF. I'm the one always throwing STUFF away .. but if all I owned was uber stylish artistic and expensive STUFF then I probably wouldn't!

I'd love to see your Hipstamatic cool pics too, I've rarely seen a bad one. Here's a peek into my 'Hip' house.

Did it work? What do you think? Hmm. Maybe not as successful as I'd hoped. But I did do it without a cleaner, stylist and in about four minutes. 

Happy Friday everyone. 

It may not be uber cool, but it's my home. XX