Monday, March 26, 2012

Pieces of a Party

It's time to shake off the blog cobwebs and try to post a little more often! Life is busy here at Dusty Plum Central - I know it's the same for a lot of people but my three children, husband, house, renovation, and cat keep me on my toes, there is always something to do and around thirteen things waiting to be done.

One thing I did do last weekend was to throw a fourth birthday party for my littlest man, Geordie. I managed to get myself into my usual party panic and to be honest I was more stressed about this one than other parties in the past! I'm not sure why. Usually we hold parties at parks but this time he wanted one at home so there were a few more elements to consider. However it all went well, chaotic and loud, and most importantly the birthday boy was super happy.

The Gman wanted a traditional party so that's what he got, with crafting, pass the parcel, a visit from a gorgeous clown named Rosie Nose, face painting and a piñata and lots of colourful and yummy party food. 

The children decorated crowns, masks and magic wands.

Face, arm and hand painting and confetti filled balloons.

The gorgeous Rosie Nose kept the kids entertained with juggling, balloon animals and stories. 

Colourful happy food!

Then lastly Pass the Parcel, Piñata and Cake .. the guests went home, and Mama collapsed with a large glass of wine! Of course he's already asking how many days until his next birthday!