Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fred loves Liberty

I was very impressed to see that one of my favourite children's clothing brands, Fred Bare have used Liberty of London fabrics in their summer collection. I've dressed all of my children in 'Fred' over the years, rarely have anything they have made let me down, superb quality, interesting fabrics and a great mix of quirky and classic styles. The pricing can be a bit 'Eeek!' but you can often find them at great prices in sales and on eBay, I have been buying online from Helen at The Kids Room  for many years too and she has I'm sure one of the best ranges in Australia, if not the world!

Here are some of FB's summer pieces, makes me wish my girls were small again .. *sigh*

I have had gorgeous classic fabric in Liberty's amazing soft fine Tana Lawn cotton for years, and have made up a range of hair ties to match these pieces, here is Lulu blending perfectly with our magnolia tree, wearing my Super Large Hair Button Tie ...

I've made this fabric up in medium and mini pairs,

and in this gorgeous aqua version of the same fabric,

mini pairs modelled by Lulu!

Please head over to my Facebook page if you are interested in purchasing any of these gorgeous fabric ties - I can also make them into clips in sizes of Super, Medium and Toddler. Just contact me via my Facebook page or email dusty anytime!  

Monday, September 19, 2011

Colour Blast

I just love that Spring is here and I'm quickly shedding my winter wardrobe of black black and oh .. light black ;) and out come the colours again.

I've made up some new necklaces - well, chokers really! and added them to my Etsy store. These look so gorgeous with a simple summer frock .. or for those who dare and do it well (I don't!) clash patterns and colours for an amazing look.

I loooooove these fabrics, particularly top left .. I only have one of these and I'm thinking of keeping it for myself :)

For a little extra colour *POP* on this weird windy hot day check out Kimbra, she's cute quirky and just gorgeous. I love the Kiwis as you all know!

Kimbra - Cameo Lover (Official Music Video) from Kimbra on Vimeo.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Spring Surprise

It's lovely spending our first Spring in this house (a temporary home we're renting while we renovate our own home), as the owners over the years have planted some gorgeous and unusual plants, each season something else blooms or pops up out of nowhere. Aside from the previously mentioned beautiful magnolia, and along with freesias, camellias and roses, we're also enjoying, (click the photographs to view larger if you wish) ..

Pink Blossom in the front garden ... 

Bluebells popping up by the side fence ... 

Masses of Birds of Paradise which grow along the driveway ...

And Apple Blossom in the back garden. 

There is also a massive jasmine which has slithered up the wall and blooms only on top of the roof, too high to pick any, but the gorgeous overwhelming scent fills the backyard .. just gorgeous!

In honour of this beautiful season, I'm adding a Special Surprise to every order made through my Etsy store until September 30. 

Happy September Everyone!! 

Friday, September 9, 2011


I love Rania, so pretty, delicate, great colouring. No, not this one, though she's quite lovely too.

The Rania to which I refer is the range of tiny floral fabrics made by Liberty of London. I like them for all the right reasons - they're pretty, they match a lot of clothing, lovely colour combinations, great for kids and adults .. and for slightly less 'right' reasons, they're darn easy to make into a button because you don't have to line anything up or centre anything .. yay! For all of those reasons, I love making things from this fabric. 

Things like earrings,

hair ties,


you know, all that stuff that I make. If I can, I'll use Rania. 

So I made a bunch of little sets that I'm selling over on Etsy and from my Facebook page, including this new version of the material (top pic) which I've not used before, which is a softer pink/grey/olive combination, divine! These sets are available for $10 per set. 

and while searching for more 'Rania' images on the net I also found this awesome Korean band. Hold onto your hats girls and boys, I wasn't offended by the raunchy dance moves, but I was offended by the awful lyrics!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dad's Day

We picked up the grandparents and drove up the mountain all together, lookit my pretty girl. Aww.

How could you walk past this without a photo?

We all ate dessert first because the savoury queue was so long, nobody complained about that!

The world's biggest Cuckoo clock .. wow!

Burning off the sugar in the playground. 

Cuzzies and Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles oh My!

Cranky boy putting on a pretend frown. 

Then out comes the tongue, again.  Happy Fathers Day XX

Ended the day with a Chess Battle between Lulu and Di. 

Lovely, lovely family day.